Personal Project consisting of Promotional Illustrations, Concept Art and Visual Development of my Graphic Novel "The Notorious Disciples". A Hip Hop, Cyberpunk, Scifi, Horror Story.

The House of Nexsa - Year 663 ALC
The ONIX is HERE! Book 1, Year: 1993 AD
Killah or Killahn Priest "Xenobek"
Random Killah Priest
Killah Priest "Radamix" 
The X'All Slayer
Wives of Nexsa
Wife of Nexsa
The Genocide Gang
Genocide Member "Mass Killer"
Genocide member "Limb Killer"
Genocide member "Killer Priscilla"
Random Onix Disciples
Mennex son of Nexsa.  Mennex the Annihilator
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